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Efficient Pump Technology

Pump Sales Direct are delighted that one of our most popular pump manufacturers, Grundfos have directly contributed to the what is considered the world’s most energy efficient hotel – The Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers.


State of the art solar panels

This huge structure is quite the sight and this architectural feat has raised the bar with new standards for sustainability and efficient energy usage. Opened in 2009, this luxury hotel has been awarded a vast number of accolades for its innovative construction and design. The imposing black exterior is actually a collection of state-of-the-art solar panels which can contribute up to 50% of the hotel energy needs; weather depending of course.

Low energy consumption levels with Grundfos pumps

The real achievement, however, is the low energy consumption levels of this hotel’s heating and cooling systems. Boasting one of the most cutting-edge Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES) systems in the entire world, the energy this hotel actually consumes per year is minuscule, compared to other hotels without this energy saving innovation. This system is powered by Grundfos, who are industry leaders in energy efficient pump technology.

ATES system

Found in the basement of the hotel, the ATES system can generate up to 60% of the hotels total energy needs and can even supply cooling by utilizing the groundwater beneath the foundations of the hotel. By utilizing the groundwater to cool guest rooms, this essentially acts as a ‘free’ energy-generating process that can cool water in the hotel’s air conditioning system. This can also be used to heat rooms as additional groundwater is collected in a well until needed. Both of these processes make use of what would usually be considered waste water and utilize every scrap of water resources given to it.

Not only is this process better for the environment, it will also pay itself off within approximately six years of purchase due to saved money on energy bills. The Crowne Plaza will be far more profitable than its industry competitors in the long term. Jens Nørgaard, the application manager for Grundfos Commercial Building Services explained to us that “It is in the Grundfos DNA to invest now and reap the dividend later.” So the money spent on the process will actually be paid back within the next decade and will continue to save them a considerable amount of capital in years to come. “It is substantial cheaper to transport heating and cooling via water than air.” Mr. Nørgaard confirmed.

To put this information in perspective, the Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers hotel’s estimated energy consumption is 51 kilowatt-hours per every square meter, which includes heating, air conditioning, and ventilation. In comparison, the average four-star hotel based in Europe will consume approximately 300 kilowatt-hours per square meter – almost six times the amount!

Grundfos pumps are available to be used in a commercial, domestic or industrial setting. if you’re interested in reducing the energy usage in either your home or business, then you should look no further than a Grundfos manufactured pump for quality assured results.